Hay Day the Simple yet Addicting Game on Android and IOS

hay day

Hay Day is nothing new for those people or should I say those who were familiar with mobile gaming, simulation games, or those who have been following Supercell’s journey especially with how they became a multi-billion company. This game has gotten into the stardom among its competition. Yes, it is true that it is just a simple game. By simple, it basically is a farming simulation game. It does not have a realistic graphics and the gameplay is quite repetitive at times.

How in the world did SuperCell made Hay Day into the game it is today? Well, simple. The game is addictive in the sense that it has those features that were not present with its competition. It has social features that makes playing quite challenging and at the same time fun especially when dealing with friends – playing competition or playing together with them.

Another thing that makes this game interesting among teens and even those who are adults is the fact that it does not require any payment. Yes, it is free – free to download and free to play. Well, basically that what makes this game easily accessible among the players around the world. You can simply go to the respective playstore of your smartphone or tablet – Google Play or Apple Appstore – and search for Hay Day, and install. The game, however, has this called premium currency that may require gamers to pay for it, but it does not mean that those who will not pay for it will not enjoy the full benefits of the game. They still will, but with the “waiting game” that can be frustrating at times. Now, you can read this article found here if you want to add more diamonds to your Hay Day account for free.

Perhaps the most important thing on this game is the fact that it is constantly updated. SuperCell has done a good job of listening to its player base and making it a habit of fixing and patching the things that can make the game undesirable and putting up something that can make the players happy. This has been a trait of SuperCell even with its other games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. No wonder, the company is really harvesting the fruits of its labor.

Hay Day is a worth while game, as long as its players will play in moderation. Otherwise, the game can be very addicting and disrupt social functions among its players. So, if you ever decide to download and play the game, play it wisely.

Life Is Strange – New Episodes

Life is Strange
Life is Strange is a video game where issues like loss, abuse, and depression are being encountered. It might be that this video game is not your ideal video game story. I like that Dontnod is trying to face these delicate issues, nevertheless they are as well very difficult

I love that Dontnod is attempting to confront these sensitive topics, but they’re also very hard to portray accurately and responsibly. The second episode bites off more than it can chew, putting you on an emotional rollercoaster exposing you to all kinds of traumatic events. While some scenes end up raw and honest, a lot more are frustrating due to the extremism of the world and the mixed messages sent about how to handle these complicated subjects.

The episodes start strong, discovering regarding Maxines mystical power to turn back time. Strange happenings have appeared for instance snowfall about 80 degrees climate, and Maxine is checking it with the aid of her buddies. My preferred parts are when they start into theories, talking about quantum physics. Maxine as well discovers her powers have few limitations, which turns a lot more fascinating later in the plot. Her skills can’t in all time saves her from any bad days, and this time are the most fascinating in the story or this episode.

In the game if your not attempting to learn what is the origin of here power, Maxine deals the madness and the evil world before her, She notice bullying, violence and extortion in her regularly life. Another thing is a social group known as the Vortex Club has turn all the rage, however things regarding like sex and drugs are not being revealed and Maxine is very dedicated to get rid of those evil club. There are times; I think I am watching a poorly scripted teenage drama on the screen. All operations to elevate the melodrama, even when if it’s outlandishly not real. The fist episode had few clichés, however the second continues to go far it is hard to take seriously.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Adventure

This past year saw Nintendo going back to its origins as a toy-maker with the discharge of its Amiibo figurine line. Its first discharge of 2015 views it carry on in that role, although from the digital space. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is much less an action-adventure video game and much more an accumulation of 70+ ornamental playthings: every level is a unique, premium-quality diorama, midway among an artisanal objet d’art and a large, gaudily colored Fisher Price toy.

Your goal in most phases is to make the right path to the glistening star at the conclusion, while accumulating three gems, often hidden from view. To discover them, and to discover the path to the star, you’ll require a change of viewpoint: the best analogue adheres revolves the whole phase, and brings up the feeling of obtaining a knickknack and switching it over to look at it from all of perspectives. The worlds are by becomes summary and natural, yet there’s some thing of the mechanical about the subject, clockwork gadgets designed with delicate accuracy, however incredibly strong with it.

captain toad treasure tracker

Around these phases you’ll advice the eponymous Captain Toad or his pigtailed friend Toadette. She’s kidnapped in the beginning by a giant bird, however she’s no damsel, as its pure bravery which gets her into difficulty first and foremost. At the conclusion of the first chapter (the game’s levels are broken into three ‘books’) the credits roll, and the roles are corrected: the Captain is whisked aside and it’s Toadette to save the day. It’s an additional indication that Nintendo appears to have taken criticisms about representation on board, pursuing the enjoys of Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. by which includes playable female leads.

This isn’t the very first time we’ve seen the Captain, obviously: the seed for Treasure Tracker was planted in Super Mario 3D World, with a number of slower, more puzzle-led phases starring the diminutive explorer assisting split up the chaotic platforming action. Right here, once again, levels are carried out at a relaxing pace for the most part: if Mario yomps, then Toad is much more of an ambler, overwhelmed by his backpack. There’s a run switch that may be held down to speed up into a comically eager, nearly penguin-like waddle, however in truth it’s rarely needed until the final book.

Its mild pace possesses a similarly gentle understanding curve, as if Nintendo is really keen to make sure gamers have perfected the idea of working the right and left stick concurrently that it quickly forgot to increase the task. More difficult tests come later, and in the optional goals put into each level once you’ve completed them. It’s well suited for a younger audience, then, or gamers less experienced in the ways of dual stick regulates, though a number of levels right at the end (and some difficult par times) could see your rapidly-building life counter lastly start to reduce. If one is playing this game, then there is trouble relating to the new mobile Nintendo game Pokemon Go. It features state of the art gaming mechanics that utilizes the GPS and the internet for online and virtual reliaty capability. Furthermore, it has Pokemon Go for unlimited Pokecoins.

Possibly it owes a little too a good deal of debt to Super Mario 3D World to stand out as something completely new – certainly, its more challenging stages wouldn’t look unnatural in that video game – however simultaneously it signifies a new possible innovative outlet for Nintendo. Possibly in the coming years, we’ll begin to see much more video games such as this: smaller, mid-priced tests and spin-offs made with that common level of enhance and care for which the writer is rightly famous.

Even when Treasure Tracker perhaps never very gets to its full possible, certainly few would dispute with this particular line of considering. Indeed, its main mechanic seems rather like an assertion by itself; possibly this is Nintendo’s method of encouraging its developers and gamers alike to embrace the thought of nearing the common from a fresh viewpoint.

Tomb Raider the Game Surges Again

tomb raider

Tomb Raider centers on the actions of Lara Croft, a young reach lady seeking the lost kingdom of Yamati. Gamers are provided with a powerful and emotionally complex character that adds genuine depth to the Tomb Raider story. Gamers will totally blow their mind for this great action adventure game.

It was unlucky that Lara Croft in the very beginning is separated from the others of the group and suspended by the legs on the roof of the cave. You’ll get more action and adventure in this game. Lara Croft needs to be a survivor and of course as being the main character in the game. The others of the game is to save friends, lustful cults, the ancient deity, meeting, splitting up, unhappiness, grief, anger, and various other emotions, where the latest Tomb Raider started, if the game programmers would have totally also his series title. An apt name, due to the fact that even in the latest Scion of the set, which also has made Lara Croft as restart of the story, sometimes creeps you through ancient tombs and explored the remains of an ancient world. If you may not be busy are popping up in the role of Lara pixel human, dropping somewhere or to leave huge blasts. Given that Tomb Raider is class mounted and technically impressive, twelve hours pure activity enjoyment in the design of advertise, yet emotionally and spirited too far away from the start of the series.

Lara’s origin story deserves a remarkable setup, and the island where Tomb Raider happens does not let down. Hundred of years ago, it was home to a kingdom called Yamatai. Many shrines, holy places, statues and other residues of that history remain, and often, you just need to take in these locations, slowly progressing with the darkness, eager to find what’s just outside the light of your lantern. In as much that we love to play adventure games, there will also be room for RTS such as SuperCell’s very own Clash Royale cheats. A lovely game that is played by millions today. The island is a lovely place, yet not every breakthrough is a favorable one; Yamatai’s dark history is clearly communicated in stacks of bones and much more gruesome things.

In the game, you can really see the lovely sights are even lovelier and the terrible sights are more horrifying than on consoles when you use computer. The PC port was handled by Nixxes, and just as their PC launch of Sleeping Dogs enhanced considerably on the aesthetic of the console versions, the sharp structures in Tomb Raider’s PC release make it the conclusive technique to encounter this game.

Battlefield Hardline – New Review

battlefield hardline

Battlefield Hardline features a respectable campaign and excellent multiplayer action; however a shortage of character indicates it seems a lot more like a development than full follow up, claims Kirk McKeand. With police violence in America so notable in the news, you’d be pardoned for entering Battlefield Hardline with cultural issues. EA’s urban riff on its army present shooter sidesteps this when you are large, dumb and inspiring pacifism. This can be a Battlefield that incentives non-lethal enjoy. It feels relaxing, at least at first, that a switch generally restricted to eliminating with a swift swipe from a combat chef’s knife is rather accustomed to police arrest.

Most activities consume a comparable design: You discover a standpoint and utilize your police scanner to tag opponents, looking for bounties and departing their area designated on the HUD. After that you focus on separated or manufactured thieves – also looking for alarm boxes – maintaining tabs on their vision cones via the minimap. Lastly you crouch, decreasing their vision variety, and sneak in to them, crippling any sensors on the way and pulsating your badge when near enough – this causes them to drop their weaponry. You retain your pistol educated on them, changing between them to ensure that they’re certified, and earn the arrests using a click on of the thumbstick.

Imprisoned criminals, for whatever reason, immediately go to sleep, a bit cartoon “ZzZ” hanging over their mind. Keep in mind after I named it dumb? Hardline wishes to be a police step-by-step, as a result of a Netflix-style demonstration, calling the tasks “episodes” and “previously on Hardline” flashbacks. In spite of its goals, it is not easy to consider its story of twisted police officers and drug rings significantly together with sleepy handcuffs, a QTE battle with an alligator and a tank fight. The tasks obtain progressively absurd over the ten episode campaign. It’s as though it had been made to be extreme in a bid to prevent creating a politics remark.

Hardline’s main problem, although, would it be is a Battlefield video game. It gets Battlefield’s superb Frostbite 3 game engine, the hefty, fulfilling weapons, the open maps and the amazing sound design, however Hardline may also be at odds with the ethos of its parent sequence. This can be a stealth video game that benefits you for nonviolently taking down opponents, however gives you larger and much better weapons. You may also unlock a golf club iron to exchange your baton melee weapon. It seems like a concession to pacify individuals who need more Battlefield than Hardline, and can most likely leave both experience jeopardized.

In the event it enables you to free in its sandbox levels, Hardline is excellent. It’s the nearest a Battlefield campaign originates to using its very own identification shortly, using its open locations, multiple infiltration factors and scope for option. Regrettably, it still from time to time forgets its talents and forces you into a straight line car chase. This can be considered a good change of speed, however the automobile dealing with is insipid, with turning stiff, speed mild and accidents taking place using the boring, flaccid thud of a driverless fender car gradually traveling right into a wall.

There are some standout times in there, just like a night time infiltration of a penthouse condo on July 4th, fireworks lighting the powered-down space while you lay trip mines for nearing opponents, changing between a night vision scope and ironsights as the enemies’ torches and flashes from the fireworks impaired you. There’s additionally a powerful female character that has her very own wishes and isn’t only a love interest for the central figure. The campaign is inconsistent, but nonetheless seems to be the better Battlefield campaign since Bad Company 2, nevertheless small a victory that’s. Of course, the multiplayer is Hardline’s best function.

Do not anticipate a good deal of departure here, since this is mostly the same Battlefield we’ve been enjoying for a long time – the only variations to be the smaller, mainly urban maps, various automobiles, a few new devices and game modes. Series staple Cure continues to be, however here you go far from the best mode, partially since the maps are extremely small , partially since the police cars and altered vehicles just don’t produce the same feeling of epic scale. The countermeasures for automobiles simply aren’t there, either – the professional is just designed with a grenade launcher and many automobiles take two shots, however your target is generally gone by the time you load the second round. RPGs and stingers are available filled round the chart, but it’s just opportunity if you’re close to one when it’s needed, making helicopters almost invincible.

The newest modes generally fare best, as the vast majority of them are infantry-based. Hotwire, the only one that isn’t, is a dud – it is basically Conquest on wheels, with every capture point an automobile. It is a video game about driving round the maps and hoping the folks in your car can adequately take an opponent car before they eliminate you. It might have been excellent; however the problems with vehicle handling ruin the enjoyment.